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ಸಿಪುಟ ೫, ಸಿಚಕ  ೧೧, ನವ ಿಬರ, ೨೦೧೫
        Next Gen  ¯ÉÆÃPÀ             Kannada Kali-A great learning experience.

        By:  Shreyas Jamadagni (10 years)
        I used to really like my kindergarten days. Where I was pampered a lot, I did not have to pay atenton in class
        and luckily no tests.  I really felt the same in Kannada Kali classes conducted by Kannada Sangha (Singapore).
           Learning the basics as we do in kindergarten was replicated over here. As I do have a very deep interest in try-
        ing to read Kannada books, I was having a very informatve tme. The teachers way of teaching is very inter-
        estng to follow. They made a wonderful power point presentaton with
        good  explanatons  and  relatve  examples.  More  importantly,  they
        gave us tasty snacks during break tme and also allowed us to watch
        a few Kannada folk tales. Not to menton the fact that they did make
        us  recite  the  Kannada   alphabets.  They  gave  regular  tests  which
        made us all remember what we did in the previous class. The Exer-
        cise books were very helpful for us to learn and practce. The text-
        books, the syllabus, the teachers and the interactve sessions, and
        not to forget, the snacks, all made this class a perfect place to learn.

        When any program is initated, there has to be results. Afer the clas-
        ses and when I went to India, (Karnataka) I started to read all the
        boards, posters, Newspapers, magazines and the summaries of Kan-
        nada books. It has become a habit for me now to read anything that
        is writen in kannada. And I do try to read Kannada Sangha’s monthly ‘Sinchana E-newsleter’ ofen, though
        not fuently yet. Thanks a lot to Kannada Sangha (Singapore) for giving me the opportunity to learn my moth-
        er tongue which happens to be one of the oldest languages of India!

        By: Sanjana Raghunath (11 years)
        Kannada Kali is a language teaching programme organized by Kannada Sangha (Singapore) for young children
        in Singapore at SINDA. The basic Kannada classes were for 12 weeks, with each class being for 2 hours. Subse-
        quently monthly classes were held to allow us to contnue learning and remembering what we had learnt. In
                                              these  classes,  we  have  learnt  the  (KannadaVarnamala)  consonants,

                                              vowels, phonics and also learnt to write small words. It was easy, but
                                              it took a lot of tme to learn them. Now I can read words, but I stam-
                                              mer a litle and take some tme to read it. We  learnt a song on Lord
                                              Ganesha and sang it in a Kannada Sangha program and also learnt a
                                              kid’s poem.
                                              While I was learning Kannada in the class, my father used to spend his
                                              tme chatng with other parents. My parents always wanted me to
                                              learn Kannada; so they were very happy.  They were excited to take
                                              me to the classes, may be for two reasons; one is for me to learn Kan-
                                              nada basics and second  is for weekly shopping and visitng temple on
                                              Serangoon  road.
                                              For these classes, I used to wait eagerly every week as it was fun and
        could also play with other classmates. In the class when they give break tme, they give us delicious snacks
        and showed us Kannada stories. Kannada Kali is one of my favourite classes.
        It’s nice to learn Kannada with all my friends and I hope the classes will improve  and will give us a beter
        learning platorm. I am learning a  language and I’m proud to be a Kannadiga...!!

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